Advice and Wisdom

I have never thought of myself as a great writer.  When signing up for English 311 I was a bit intimidated.   My first recommendation for students taking this class-be sure that Angela Smith is the instructor (if at Davenport University in Flint).  She is an amazing instructor and does a great job of setting the students up for success.  Next I would want to explain what English 311 really is.  While ones writing skills will be critiqued and tested, this class is more about using writing in the technological world.  After taking this class I now have a blog I can share with potential employers, a resume and the tools to successfully interview.  One bonus of this class was the experience gained from working one on one with career services to refine the skills need to apply and interview for a job.

When it comes to the work load expected in this class, the best advice I can provide it to stay on pace.  Complete rough drafts on time as they allow for peer review, and time to meet with the tutors available at the school.

One of my favorite parts of this course was the self-evaluations.  They force you to look at your weaknesses, and determine is the work was done to the best or your ability.  They also allow you to learn from your mistakes, making you a better writer and to be more aware of your own success.

In all of my experiences, group projects rarely go well.  This class really focused on what make a group/team successful and how to deal with conflict and problems.  I would like to say that my group this semester was the best one I have had the pleasure of being part of.

To finish up I’d like to thank my classmates and instructor for making the semester so enjoyable. Good luck to everyone as they continue to grow in both education and in the professional workforce.


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