Effective Communtation

The words you speak to others can have a major impact on how those people view you.  To prove my point I want to share a recent experience I had after taking a position at a new location within my company.  One of my coworkers was not a familiar with policy as myself and was very forgetful.  Several times a week she would ask the same questions.  The first few times I answered her questions I was thoughtful and took the time to show her how to do the work and where to find directions.  After the fifth time answering the same question, however the answers became shorter and had more of an annoyed tone.  It was not long before I was brought into a meeting with the managers on ways to work on my attitude. It was at this point that as I realized that my words were really hurting my coworker and made her begin to resent and dislike me.

There are many personalities that you will encounter in your professional career.  It is important to make consistent language choices that ensure effective commutation at the work place. Below is a list of strategies for employing effective communication.

  • Use simple and familiar wording
  • Avoid useless jargon
  • Use acronyms selectively
  • Avoid misleading euphemisms
  • Avoid overstatement
  • Be specific and concrete
  • Be mindful you your tone
  • Emphasize the positive
  • Avoid personal bias
  • Avoid offensive terms

It is also very important to remember that you do not know what is going on in a coworkers personal or work life.  What is said one day could be taken as funny, while another day could be found offensive.  Consider that not all people have the same skillset as you and may need a different language that yourself. Having effective communication at the work place is essential for success.


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