Professional Etiquette

Professional behavior etiquette is very important, especially with all the different avenues of social networking.  It is important to remember what you say about yourself online will have an impact on how you are viewed in the professional world.

May words of advice are simple when it comes to social networking: would this be something you would share with your mother, your younger sibling, or your neighbor?  If the answer is no, it probably should not be on your Facebook page.  Stay away from politics, religion, and many of the hot social topics on Facebook.  Do not share your day-to-day adventures, or brag about how much better your life is than others.

Here are a few general guidelines when posting on social networks-


  • Be professional
  • Think before you speak
  • Create a positive environment, be encouraging to others
  • Network, that’s what sites like LinkedIn are for
  • Check privacy settings often


  • Share personal problems
  • Talk about the bachelorette party  you attended this weekend
  • Gossip or bully!
  • Talk about work/coworkers
  • Spend too much time online

There are many great web sites that can enhance your reputation online, LinkedIn is a great way to network and share your resume with potential employers.  There are job search sites that also allow you to do this.  It is extremely important that the information you provide on these sites is accurate and current.  If you choose to have a profile picture, it should be a modest head shot.  If you choose to have a blog, know that your potential or current employer may stumble upon it.

Social networking has had a major impact on professionalism and credibility.  Many people joined these sites without thinking about how it would affect their job or even the ability to become employed.  As times change it is important to be knowledgeable of how you are portraying yourself online.


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