Over the past two weeks I have been evaluating my professional profile.  My profile includes LinkedIn, a professional Blog, a visual CV, a professional business card, and two social media sites.  I reviewed my privacy settings on my social media sites and completed an online identity calculator.

Have you done a Google search of you name lately? You would be surprised at the results, I as digitally disastrous, scary!  While none of the information found on the first few pages of the search was about me, however I have a very common name.  It would be tough for a potential employer to thumb through all the results to find me.

Being unaware of how I was perceived online could have been detrimental in my future success.  Below is a list of step you can take to begin the process of professionalization:

  • Check security settings on Facebook and other social media sites
  • Check to see if  all your pictures are portraying the real you
  • Is your information current (LinkedIn)
  • Do have a profile picture and is it appropriate
  • Are your skills and abilities professional (ex. your job is not professional slacker)
  • Take an online identity quiz
  • Google you self, evaluate what the search produces
  • Is your email professional
  • Edit incorrect information

These few steps helped me be more professional online, and they can be a starting point for you.

Additionally there are behaviors that are both encouraged and avoided for social medial and online line identities.

Encouraged behaviors – be encouraging and no bullying,  provide a realistic image of who you are,  and connect with people who have the same interest, goals or work for companies you might be interest in

Behaviors to avoid – unfinished profiles, lack of personalization, ignoring comments, sales pitches and automated messages

By following these few steps and behaviors you are sure to be on the right path to professionalization.


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