Reflecting on a Small Team Project

Last week in class we completed a small team assignment to create a technical instructions document. My team consisted of only one member, and the goal of the project was to explain how to effectively form and work as a team.  The document was limited to one page and creating a unique document was encouraged.

Teams we formed randomly, however I have had the pleasure of working with my teammate in the past.  This allowed us to move past the initial stages of forming a team and get right to work on forming the document.  We began by creating a basic outline of what need to be discussed and in what order.  Each member added ideas and thoughts that should be included.  The next step was to expand on the outline and turn it into a complete piece.

My team functioned very well together, and I believe our biggest strength was being able to agree on what the goal was for the final document should look like.  The only weakness we had was missing a required area for completion of the document.  However this was resolved by having a non-team member read the document before turning it in for grading.

There are many best practices to consider for workplace collaboration:

  • Define a clear and definite goal
  • Adhere to the 90/10 rule,  listen 90% of the time and speak the other 10%
  • Establish procedures for interpersonal problems*
  • Select a decision making style
  • Submit regular progress reports

*When working in a team, either for work or school it is important to realize that people are going to have personality differences.  People may have problems at home they are dealing with, or that they may just be having a bad day.  Being able to understand and work though these differences will help in the success of the group.


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