Everyone knows the saying, “There is no “I” in TEAM.”  At some point in everyone’s life they will be a member of team, a soccer team, a debate team, a marriage, or maybe for a job.

In the workplace there are several simple guidelines that can help in the success of a team.

  • Appoint a leader, consider rotating the leader role to prevent one person from becoming overwhelmed
  • Define a clear and definite goal
  • Identify the type of document needed
  • Divide the tasks
  • Establish a timeline
  • Determine acceptable procedures for responding to the work of others
  • Decided how and when meetings will be held*
  • Establish procedures for dealing with incomplete work or missed deadlines
  • Select a group decision making style
  • Decide how to evaluate each members contributions
  • Submit regular progress reports
  • Have everyone sign all documents that relate to deadlines and tasks

*Meetings should be concise. It is important to remember to keep meetings on task, usually stick to three items for discussion or approval. Minutes or notes should be recorded and then relayed to all group members.

For many of us when you hear the words, group or team project, the response is the same, “yuck”.  It is important to remember that there are benefits to working in a team.

  • Increased creativity and ideas
  • Shared experience e and knowledge
  • Job satisfaction
  • Resource Utilization
  • Ability to complete projects quicker
  • Accountability
  • Shared goals and a common vision

A team will only be successful when they have strong cooperation, a recognized team structure and clear communication.  To be an active member of a team I have two suggestions:  COMMUNICATION and LISTENING.  Both will help promote and improve teamwork.  It is also important to recognize differences among team members and be able to overcome those differences.  The only way one will find these differences is by listening.


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